Thursday, March 22, 2012

wish me luck!

a few weeks ago I promised in this post to start writing more about the behind the scenes of my business. february was a bit of a challenging month. sales are always slow in the beginning of the year but it can still be frustrating and result in plenty of "should I keep doing this?!" moments. I had several of those but every time I had a really down moment something happened to keep me positive.

example: I met up with a friend after a pretty rough day when I got some bad news. I was really upset. there were tears and I talked about looking for a job, maybe reconsidering my decision not to go to business school, and other "negative" thoughts. after about 30 minutes of venting and feeling super bad about myself, a complete stranger came over to our table and said to me "I just wanted to tell you that I am obsessed with your necklace, it's fabulous!". it was one of the best timed compliments of my life.

and then about two weeks later an exciting business opportunity arose!

so you never know what's around the corner...

with that said, tomorrow morning I am showing my designs to a famous high-end nyc retailer. I'm definitely nervous! I'm bringing my good luck charm (pictured above), which is a buddha that my grandfather carried during wwII when he was in europe. he rubbed the buddha's tummy every morning and my grandmother, who was back in nyc, rubbed the tummy of her buddha every morning for good luck. he returned home safely so this is a very special good luck charm. hopefully it will bring me luck tomorrow when I show my designs to the buyers :).

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