Monday, December 30, 2013

a year in review

adios 2013! 

here is a look at some of the highlights from my year in instagram:

kicked off the new year with a trip to iceland

ventured to boston for the cornell alumni leadership conference

love inspiring graffiti in the streets of manhattan

necklaces off to a new boutique in boston!

went on a gemstone buying trip to arizona

snapshots from tucson

a colorful birthday party for a friend

spring pieces off to VA!

trunk show in Boston

a milwaukee bloody mary

the bronze fonz

80s prom bar crawl in milwaukee

my sarah earrings made the cover of ellements magazine!

debuting my summer collection at a trunk show in CT

celebrating mother's day in CT

photo shoot for fall 2013

namesake graffiti 

summer trunk show in new canaan

chopped 6 inches off my hair

DOMA is dead!

happy 29 to me!

it was very, very hot in nyc this summer

my little brother got engaged!

summer camp in the adirondacks

summer runs in CT

definitely not a fan of the twerking "craze"

headed to cornell for homecoming

found my sole mates

my shira necklace made it in star magazine

enjoying the scenery in my neighborhood

cornell vs. yale tailgate

ugh, congress


ventured to ohio 

charley harper's painting pants

beautiful cornell university

holiday debut

I love NY

launched Katie's Finds

the best part of thanksgiving

planning 2014

changed my hair color!

made my reality tv debut on "courtney loves dallas"

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

the bartels men, keeping it real

Monday, December 23, 2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

bon weekend

it's hard to believe christmas is next week. this weekend is going to be filled with last minute holiday prep and packing for CT. for those who haven't finished christmas shopping, godspeed. for those who have, enjoy some bubbly as you relax by the tree.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

shop small, sparkle more

this year, all of my gifts from santa are coming from small businesses owned by very talented and creative women. not only do these gifts from santa allow me to support female entrepreneurs like myself, but they also allow me to have items that are unique and not mass marketed (win, win!). all of the items are designed and made with love, which is something I have truly come to value.

so, I encourage you to also make your wish list for this holiday and future holidays (valentine's day is right around the corner!) filled with items that will help women running small businesses. 

it's always important to treat yourself (or as the say on "parks and recreation": 'treat yo self'), but its great if you can also do some good at the same time!

and not to spoil what's under my tree, but these are some of the pieces santa will be bringing me, so you have a visual on how fabulous it is to shop from small businesses!:

sun and moon ring from virginie millefiori 
large trikona ring from krysos + chandi
gemstone iphone case from pencil shavings studio