Thursday, December 19, 2013

shop small, sparkle more

this year, all of my gifts from santa are coming from small businesses owned by very talented and creative women. not only do these gifts from santa allow me to support female entrepreneurs like myself, but they also allow me to have items that are unique and not mass marketed (win, win!). all of the items are designed and made with love, which is something I have truly come to value.

so, I encourage you to also make your wish list for this holiday and future holidays (valentine's day is right around the corner!) filled with items that will help women running small businesses. 

it's always important to treat yourself (or as the say on "parks and recreation": 'treat yo self'), but its great if you can also do some good at the same time!

and not to spoil what's under my tree, but these are some of the pieces santa will be bringing me, so you have a visual on how fabulous it is to shop from small businesses!:

sun and moon ring from virginie millefiori 
large trikona ring from krysos + chandi
gemstone iphone case from pencil shavings studio

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