Friday, January 31, 2014

january in instagram

kicked off the year with a double-header soul cycle class

valentine's day project in the works

winter storm calls for jello shots at the meatball shop

greetings from paradise

did you know cocktails come with cookies at whiskey blue?!

cheers to the cornell class of 2006

my new sister in law!

my little brother got married!

fall 2014 in the works

new laser cut wood earrings 

arm party of the day

gluten free goodness for the win

found this gem in the garment district

holy feather wonderland


a splash of color in the west village on a grey day 

working on stacking bracelets on amtrak

BYOM {bring your own mimosas}

cornell alumni leadership conference

with the quarterlette girls at the startup soiree

adios, polar vortex!

greetings from san francisco!

obligatory tourist day

golden gate bridge in the california sunshine

color inspiration at the SF aquarium

whimsy under water

obsessed with this jellyfish shot

crab baguette?!

bon weekend


::praise break::

if this is not a good enough reason to install a champagne vending machine in your home and or office I don't know what is! #yolo

enjoy the weekend and ring in february (last full month of winter!) with some bubbly.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

adios, polar vortex

today I am off to san fran! after suffering through the polar vortex in NYC I am very glad to get a break. I also am definitely in need of a change of scenery. its been over a year since I had a real vacation and I could not be more excited.

follow my adventures on instagram: @katiebartels 


Friday, January 24, 2014

bon weekend

my suggestion for the weekend: kick your breakfast sandwich up a notch. 

waffles with brie, avocado, turkey, and cranberry sauce sound divine {pictured above, in case words were not enough}!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

inspiration tuesday: pineapples

last week while walking through the garment district getting supplies for my fall 2014 collection, I came across the most amazing supply store. there were walls of colorful feathers, sequins, trim, and other findings. I literally thought I had died and gone to heaven. except there was no bar so then I knew I couldn't actually be in heaven. anyway...I walked around, audibly gasping as I discovered new treasures. I have recently been having a "pineapple moment" and am really into the shape and color combinations in pineapples. so when I came across these sequin pineapples (pictured above), I was incredibly excited. I'm thinking of turning them into earrings for myself. jury is still out.

here are some other images I've been pinning during my pineapple moment:

Friday, January 17, 2014

bon weekend

this weekend I am off to boston!

hope your weekend is full of adventures, whether they be in your own city or elsewhere.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

inside my bag: travels in boston

I'm off to boston tomorrow for the cornell alumni leadership conference (CALC) and I thought I would share some of the items I'm packing to stay organized and stylish:

to stay organized: 1. paper source orange pattern spiral notebook // 2. staples optiflow pen (literally the best pen EVER)

to stay pretty: 3. l'occitane mango flower hand cream (smells amazing) // 5. NARS lipstick in roman holiday (very versatile color, flattering for all skin types)

to stay chic (and show my alma mater pride #gobigred): 4. chanel tote (I keep the detachable strap on hand in case I'm carrying a lot--especially good when traveling) // 6. katie bartels gemstone jewelry Shira necklace // 7. katie bartels gemstone jewelry Janna earrings in red

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

inspiration tuesday: displaying your jewelry

I'm always on the search for new ways to display my jewelry for trunk shows and also to keep my apt looking nice. I thought I would share some displays that have caught my eye:

Friday, January 10, 2014

bon weekend

for those of you not on a strict new years resolution diet.

enjoy the weekend and its indulgences!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

winter weather survival

I could not with the temperature yesterday in NYC. the HIGH real feel was -11.

so I decided to put together a post on my winter survival essentials. you can't beat the cold without being armed with proper skin care, accessories, and beverages. these are the things I do to survive those days when its so cold, your lip balm in your handbag freezes:

american apparel long leg warmers

1. leg warmers. I know what you're going to say: how could you wear these? you aren't going to a 90s party. well, haters to the left. I am a big fan of the lululemon cropped running leggings but by the time I get to the gym my ankles are bright red and numb. so, I throw on my leg warmers. I take them off as soon as I get to the gym although I suppose you could keep them on if you want to pretend you are in a jane fonda workout video...your call.

2. aquaphor. put this on and your skin will be completely protected from the elements. during winter there are patches of skin on my hands and face that always get extra dry. so I put aquaphor on before I go outside and cold weather be damned!

Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Lisa necklace

3. a colorful necklace. the more grey it gets outside the more I want to wear color. my lisa necklace {made from jade and carnelian} is the perfect pop of color to beat the winter blues.

Katie Bartels gemstone jewelry Natalie necklace

4. an adjustable necklace. when it gets cold I add on lots of clothing layers. lots. this often makes it difficult to get a necklace that fits. enter my natalie necklace, with its ribbon that adjusts to all necklines. plus, a colorful ribbon will jazz up your layers of long underwear.

5. hot chocolate. I know its a bit cliche but it really does help make you feel better after walking around in the cold and/or snow. I love the classic swiss miss with whipped cream or marshmallows. when I'm feeling really fancy/chef-y I shave some dark chocolate over the whipped cream. this is as martha stewart as I ever get, fyi.

6. an extra coat. when its just really bitter out I wear my uniqlo ultra light down jacket underneath by long north face down coat. its very thin so it fits under your coat without adding too much bulk. I first learned the wonders of this jacket as an extra layer when I went on a northern lights tour in northern iceland in january. and you also can't beat the price and fact that it folds into nothing should the temperatures warm up.

so there you go, this is how I survive the temperatures.

stay warm!