Monday, April 9, 2012

the creative process

one of my favorite parts of what I do is custom projects. whether it be bridesmaids necklaces, a bridal headpiece, a necklace for a black tie event, or a necklace for my mom to wear with one of her new tunics (she definitely benefits from having a daughter who designs jewelry!)--I love being given a theme or color palette and the opportunity to design a piece.

so here is my newest custom project: a necklace for moi to wear to a friend's wedding later this month!!

this is the dress I'm wearing (its by kara janx and its my friend's favorite dress in my closet):

the wedding is going to be in tribeca so I can go a little trendy (as opposed to pearls). i've decided to go big and colorful.

step one of my creative process: throw lots of gemstones on my work desk

step two: start playing around with different combinations

stay tuned for step three (finalizing the color combination) and step four (construct the necklace)! and feel free to post a comment if any particular color combo strikes your fancy :)

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