Thursday, July 5, 2012

adventures in seoul: part 2

I am continuing to enjoy exploring south korea and eating amazing korean food. I've also been very busy sketching and brainstorming my spring collection, which is inspired by seoul. I have only a few more days left, which will include a trip to the palace, a trip to the south korea-north korea border, and other adventures. here are some photos I've taken over the past few days: 

I visited the rice museum. unfortunately everything was in korean,
but I still enjoyed the visuals

yay bubble tea!

cool counter at bubble tree

city hall

loved this sculpture 

side dishes at korean bbq

korean bbq in itaewon!

beef cooking

matcha green tea cupcake from kyotofu


amazing colors at a palace

would love a roof like this

don't mess with this guy

enjoyed my afternoon visiting the art museum

chai tea at starbucks

new favorite store

exploring myeong dong

traditional korean houses


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