Friday, October 12, 2012

interior inspiration

I have always been obsessed with interior design. when I was seven years old I sketched out my dream apartment. my aesthetic has changed a bit since I was seven, but my desire to have lots of color in my home remains. 

this fall I have been taking an interior design class at the school of interior design in nyc and our final project is to design a one bedroom apartment. over the next few posts I will share the details of my apartment design, starting with the dining room. 

the dining room is inspired by my recent trip to india. I've contrasted classic wood furniture from crate and barrel with bold prints from madeline weinrib. and of course a statement chandelier and bright blue paint on the ceiling. 

pillows: madeline weinrib // chair: crate & barrel

chandelier: furbish // table: crate and barrel // paint: sherwin williams // chest: crate and barrel

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