Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sentimental rubies: a custom project

one of my gemology school friends and I were recently discussing pieces of jewelry and gemstones that have sentimental value to us because they remind us of loved ones who have a special place in our heart. she mentioned that rubies are very special to her because her late grandmother's engagement ring had a ruby. then she said she had always wanted a ruby necklace to remind her of her grandmother. ah ha I said, let's make one for you! so I took her to my gemstone dealer in the diamond district and we looked at strand after strand of faceted rubies to find the perfect one. she fell in love with an 89 ct strand of dainty, faceted rondelle rubies. check out the construction process and final product on pj!:

gorgeous rich red rubies

89 cts!

stringing the rubies

ta da!

pj rocking her new ruby necklace!

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