Wednesday, January 9, 2013

inside my suitcase: hydration station

I'm super excited for the breathtaking sights of Iceland when I travel there tomorrow. but I'm also preparing for the frigid january temps. so I've put together what I like to call my "hydration station": an assortment of beauty products that will make sure I survive the freezing temps!

by far my favorite lip balm. it tastes and smells delicious, isn't sticky (nothing is worse than having a gust of wind blow your hair onto your lips), and really keeps your lips moisturized. 

cures everything. 

I use this for my cuticles and also as a 10 minute face mask when my skin has really been exposed to the elements. I also put it on my feet and then sleep with socks on at night. it sounds a bit much but you wake up with super soft feet. 

my skin gets very red in the winter (after a walk outside my nose turns red a la rudolph). this stuff is great: it evens skin tone, moisturizes, and provides SPF

I know its really pricey but it is worth every single penny. after I put this on my skin looks amazing and all dry spots are gone. and the jar lasts for a really long time. I always by mine at duty free to avoid tax and its a bit cheaper. if there were ever a beauty product to splurge on, its this!

I have always envied kate middleton's silky locks. unfortunately my bleached blonde hair doesn't have that glow. until I discovered this treatment! I've still got a ways to go to get my hair to be kate-middleton-shiny, but I'm getting there. I love these ampules because they are easy to travel with and they warm up, which feels really good on your scalp. 

I've tried lots of different hand creams and this is by far my favorite. it isn't greasy and has a very subtle smell. and it really moisturizes.

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