Tuesday, July 16, 2013

inspiration tuesday: creme de la creme

today is my birthday (!!) so I decided that today's post should involve all of my favorite things. I went through all of my pins on pinterest (all 3,150+...I may or may not have a pinterest addiction) and compiled my all-time favorite images.


innocently mischievous 

edible art

my ideal cake

fantasy meets fashion

too delicious for words

an all-time favorite print

if I had a pool like this I'd never leave the house

colorful whimsy

adore the sweater and lip combination

every drink should come with one of these

the prettiest popsicles

fabulous outdoor spot

one of my favorite looks ever

this clutch! 

a pop of neon with lots of sparkle

I'd kill for this carpet

most amazing suit ever

there are no words for how much I love this cocoon coat

simply stunning pattern

completely inspired by this

I want a gemstone doorknob

this shade of pink!

truer words have never been spoken

love everything about this look

amazing hair cut

what I'd love my future studio to look like


simply amazing pattern mixing

true whimsy

the ultimate summer accessory

stripes on stripes

one of the best feelings (in such a great font!)

I'd just stare at this pie

color love

a pop of orange

colorful whimsy

I want to be showered with confetti

casual chic

my ideal dress

fabulous pattern mixing

such a great outfit

my two great loves combined

the most fabulously colored drink ever

pom poms and balloons!

would die for a wall like this


that sexy pop of red

all-time favorite top

all sources can be found on my pinterest page

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