Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christie's Magnificent Jewels

this past weekend one of my good friends (and fellow lover of jewelry!) and I went to the Christie's Magnificent Jewels auction preview. the auction is held twice a year in NYC and its a highlight for me. think rooms of massive diamonds, statement gemstone necklaces, and historical treasures. heaven!! my favorite part is trying on some of the gorgeous pieces (and daydreaming about owning such amazing sparkle...). 

here is a look at a few of the amazing pieces:

yes that's right...52.58 carats

this 26.72 ct diamond ring is estimated to go for $4-6m

everything I love: pearls, emeralds, and diamonds

I am obsessed with cushion cut emeralds, as an FYI

another look at the 52.58 ct diamond

an antique diamond and platinum necklace

I fell in love with these

after looking at multimillion dollar diamonds this $7.5k ring seemed like a steal...

I would wear these on a beach vacation with my tunics

malachite is a stone I've recently embraced, so I love these rings

Kaitlin plays with the emerald and diamond ring

so then I had to play too

a girl can dream...

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