Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a family heirloom

recently, a dear family friend came to me with four vintage beads that were once owned by her grandmother. she told me that they were the only thing she had from her grandmother and did not know what to do with them (they were once part of a necklace but after several moves the rest of the beads were lost). she asked if I could play around with them and perhaps put together a new piece of jewelry. loving the opportunity to make something incorporating this family treasure, I said I would gladly take on the project.

the heirloom beads

I had a couple different ideas about gemstones to pair with the bright red beads, but ultimately went with faceted onyx gemstones so that the red beads would remain the focal point. and I thought the black onyx gave the necklace a deco look, which is true to the time period when the beads were purchased by her grandmother. 

the end result was the necklace pictured below:

ta da!

a close up shot

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