Friday, May 30, 2014

may in instagram

rocking my susan necklace with a bold palm print

participated in the BUST Magazine fair

another view of my table

my mom rocks her blake necklace

a custom necklace for mother's day :)

nothing beats dinner at a diner

ran a race, got beaten by a lot of 5-year-olds #lame

BBQ time in CT


ever since I saw "house of cards" I've been craving ribs
so took a trip to blue smoke with some friends

maya hayuk's brooklyn studio

took an art class, was obsessed with the paint pattern on the tablecloth

final product of my block printing class

scenes from my show at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg

my ribbon necklaces!

the darling viriginie millifore models my laser cut pineapple earrings

you're never too young to start stacking bracelets!

terrarium making class

my terrarium (it died soon after #RIP)

its summer!!

rocked this necklace to my brother's wedding party

my mom was in charge of flowers #killedit

hanging with my mom at the beach

flip cup #college

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