Thursday, October 20, 2011

caffeinated in the city

caffeine is an essential part of my everyday routine (multi strand necklaces can't be made unless paired with a cup of coffee or shot of espresso!) and I have spent a lot of time exploring coffee shops in nyc. while most days involve espresso from my beloved nespresso machine, when I venture elsewhere for caffeination I go to these gems:

1. Blue Bottle Coffee

I can never resist drip-brewed coffee. and nothing beats sipping delicious coffee against the backdrop of the high line.


My neighborhood favorite. I spend many afternoons here doing work and sipping a soy latte.

3. Strumptown Coffee

a west-coast transplant, strumptown has amazing coffee. I love grabbing a cup and working at the desks in the ace hotel lobby.

4. Joe the Art of Coffee

all over nyc and always reliable. they also have drip-brew coffee.

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