Friday, February 17, 2012

things that inspired

I always find myself invigorated and inspired by fashion week, whether it be a new idea of how to wear something in my closet, or a new color to be obsessed with, or a new accessory to covet. here is what inspired me this New York Fashion Week:


during my recent trip to India, I kept coming across amazing saris and statement clothing that I loved in the context of India, but wasn't sure if I could get it to translate to Manhattan. but after looking at Naeem Khan's amazing collection, I realized that the clothing I saw definitely has a place in Manhattan (well, the saris would have been a tad of a stretch, but long embroidered pieces definitely work).

I attended the Gretchen Jones presentation and loved how she made the models' nails look like turquoise stones. I go all out with colorful nail polish and the occasional color base coat-glitter top coat combo but these nails encouraged me to start thinking more outside the box.

love this street style trend (photos, of fur over your coat. I have always felt I needed a special occasion to wear fur but why not put it to use and rock it all the time.

and most importantly...
I attended the StyleCaster State of Style Summit and was particularly struck by the panel on giving back. Neil Blumenthal, the Co-Founder of Warby Parker (the inspiring eyewear company that donates a pair of glasses to those in need for every pair of glasses purchased by customers ), spoke about his company's altruistic focus and the significant impact they have had since the company was founded two years ago. after visiting the Company's website and seeing their stylish designs and learning more about what they are doing, I've decided that going forward, all of my eyewear is going to be purchased from them. also, I had been playing with the idea of doing a special collection of jewelry to benefit a not-for-profit close to my heart and after hearing this panel I decided I had to do it: my collection of earrings to benefit pancreatic cancer research launches in a little over a week!

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