Friday, April 20, 2012

magnificent jewels!

as I mentioned in a recent post, the christie's magnificent jewels auction preview is one of the highlights of my spring. this year, there were lots of colored diamonds and spectacular gemstone pieces. the auction brought in a total of $70.7m. I had a lot of fun admiring the jewels, and even trying a few of them on!

always love a good emerald and diamond statement necklace!

behold, the martian pink diamond!

this reminds me of one of the pieces I got to play with at Gem Palace in Jaipur. adore antique indian jewelry

more gorgeous antique indian jewelry

adore massive yellow diamonds

how amazing does this emerald ring look on me?! 

I always like to play a game called "if katie could have anything up for auction, what would she get?". this year I decided I would choose lot 109, a 47.08 ct cushion cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds. here is a photo of me wearing the ring. swoon!

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