Monday, March 4, 2013

adventures in tucson

I recently went to tucson, az for the famous gem show. my mom came with me and we had a great time picking out gemstones for my upcoming collections. and it was also nice to get a break from the wintery east coast weather. here are some snapshots from the trip!

obsessed with this cactus

gorgeous rug from the library at our hotel

butterfly=pop of color

colorful cactus thorns

looks like mini daisies on this cactus

picking out chalcedony

my mom picks out some pieces for herself

such amazing color and symmetry

survival juice

colorful chalcedony

adore these tiles

lazy afternoon by the pool


ah palm trees

afternoon tea in the library

pineapple-esque cacti

my fave new wood and sterling ring

first trip to in-n-out burger

shipping some of my new purchases back to my nyc studio

sunbathing in some of my new accessories

my mom just got an iphone and took pictures of everything 
(including these blue cornmeal pancakes)

love the shape of this cactus

love the color combination

how cool would it be to make earrings out of these thorns?

got a bit of a sunburn...

my chalcedony purchases

orchids at the botanical garden

love this sharp green

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