Friday, March 1, 2013

february in instagram

these spring natalie and shira necklaces are off to a new home!

making bill paying more fun

prosecco date with a good friend


visited baked and wired in georgetown with jeanne

valentine's day sweets

took a trip to fibre space in alexandria, va and feel in love
with the incredibly colorful wools (thanks to susan from Zoe 
for the introduction!!)

loving the colorful window display at zoe boutique!

farewell DC!

making earrings for a customer in seoul, sk!

no words. 

best valentine's day card ever!

was super excited to learn that scotch naturals has a pinterest
page dedicated to my jewelry

photo booth fun at a friend's bday party

my talented cousin on "the americans"

colorful bday balloons!

making earrings for zoe boutique!

these lovely earrings can now be found at zoe boutique!

bought some tulips for my work desk

getting my summer collection ready :)

a peak at my spring collection!

my new pet peacock

photo shoot prep

my custom nail polish 

photoshop time

found this photo of my dad and me, circa 1986

buying gemstones in tucson

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