Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july in instagram

when I was little, july was always my favorite month. july meant summer camp, bbqs in my parents backyard, my birthday, arts and crafts, running through the sprinklers, popsicles as an afternoon snack, and all things wonderful and summery. although as an adult I no longer am on summer vacation, I still make sure to keep the summer traditions going (although I don't run through sprinklers anymore, because then I'd have to redo my hair). here is a look back at my july in instagram photos:

first world problems graffiti in the west village

my summer collection on display at blades salon in
greenwich, ct

sketching new designs

4th og july chic

love a good rug

burger stand humor

finalizing my holiday collection

my good friend natalie wears her namesake natalie necklace

love conveyor belt sushi restaurants


photo shoot for discover pique!

visit to the birchbox offices (were they have a little birch forest)


feathers and glitter for my 29th bday celebration

ugh I can't with this

love my weekly bfasts at chobani in soho!

new project in the works

color combinations


my bday grilled cheese (ever since I was 3 I have required
grilled cheese on my bday...sadly I've had to switch to
gluten free bread but the tradition is alive!)

culinary color blocking

grapefruit popsicle to assuage my animosity towards the heat wave

my subway stop is now VIP

jewelry off to a new home!

check out my alex necklace on stylecaster

new design in the works

my mom at my trunk show at images in old greenwich

channeling martha stewart


pineapple coconut yogurt for the win

my friend neil rocks my blake necklace

 birch coffee knows how to keep it real

janna earrings in the works for zoe boutique!

product development

playing around in my studio

after almost 2 years of getting my ass kicked on monday
nights by 30/60/90 instructor extraordinaire, he is leaving for the west coast. 
yes, this note was written in the steam that was produced by our class.

my idea of heaven

exciting new project!

dying over my new satya twena hat!

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