Monday, July 8, 2013

mountain time

I spent this past 4th of july weekend in the mountains of vermont relaxing with my parents. it was a weekend filled with ice cream, fresh air, starry nights, fireworks, and mornings spent sipping coffee and reading the paper. here are some snapshots from the weekend:

a display of patriotism at my parents' place

classic vt maple syrup

bridge in wilmington

soaking in the view

colorful candles

colorful candy at the vermont country store

love a classic candy store

sweet tooth satisfied

vermont cheddar, a highlight

one of my fave stops

colorful drinks

gazebo my dad and I used to dance in when I was a little girl

visited the property on lake amherst that has been in my family since the late 1800s. 
a lot of gold was found in the area during the gold rush. 
unfortunately, the todd family did not part take in the gold search when they visited
their summer retreat. had they known one of their descendants would become a jewelry designer...

fresh blueberries from lake amherst

I wear ballet flats when I hike #leftmysneakersinnyc

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